Service before & after

After the first step comes the second! You have chosen us and we will always be there! After the purchase, a new path usually begins.Registration for Taxes, Internet, the gardener, the berth or simply the transfer from the airport.Our group was born here and we are strongly rooted in the area. We want to pass on these benefits to our clients. Below is a list of the services we offer to make you feel comfortable in your new home.

Handling of general administrative matters (registration, transfer and unsubscription contracts with utility companies and suppliers)
Opening of an ital. bank account
Completion of insurance policies
Assistance with property taxes
Assistance with inheritances, gifts and other property transfers
Handling domain management: applying for a mooring, leasing licences, buoy installation, etc.
Contacts with specialists for administrative matters
Contacts with craftsmen for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and renovation work

Contact us for more information and a customised offer!

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